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Legal Service Level 2


Legal matters are often long winded and take a toll on time and resources. The client often becomes emotionally drained and exhausted. This level of service is designed for the litigant needs support and legal assistance whilst yet wishing to have some sort of control over their own matter.
Legal Support is offered by a paralegal, a trained McKenzie Friend or dedicated legal personnel. Our initial consultation, up to twenty minutes, will always be free; usually this will be by telephone, email or Skype or at our offices or even the comfort of your home.
This is a unique service and all our MFs are fully trained and vetted with a current DBS Certificate. All fees are payable in advance and include VAT and we accept all major credit and debit cards - see terms & conditions for full details. Fees are fixed and fair but limited to one matter only.
Level 2 Service includes 
1.    Ten letters and 10 emails written on behalf of the client.
2.    Ten hours phone support
3.    Six months dedicated support
4.    Regular updates on the matter.
Cost is £1499.99 inclusive of VAT
Whilst we cannot predict how any case will develop our aim is always to try reducing and minimise costs for our clients. We keep clients fully informed on the progress and any new development of their respective matter.
We reserve the right to vary these charges in complex, highly contentious and protracted matters which require more detailed documentation and extensive research. Any such amendment to charges will be discussed prior to work commencing.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any court fees or application fees due and payable.