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Mediation and it’s Benefits


What is mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which an independent and impartial third party, the mediator, helps the parties involved in a dispute to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution of the points of conflict. 
 A mediator, who may be a lawyer or specially trained non-lawyer, has no decision-making powers and cannot force the parties to accept a settlement.  Mediation is also the most commonly used method of ADR (the two other principal forms being adjudication and arbitration). 

Why should I do mediation?

There has been an increase in the use of mediation in the UK as a means of alternative dispute resolution over the last decade. This is because it has many benefits such as:

  • It is quick and cost effective.

  • It is confidential and without prejudice.

  • It is flexible; hence it can be adjusted to meet the client’s needs.

  • The clients have control over the process.

Other benefits of choosing us to mediate for you is that you will get a bespoke service in which the these will happen:

  • The mediation will be completed within a day and a free extension to a half day if necessary.

  • The mediation agreement will be drafted for you and sent to you for signing as well as sent off to the court for sealing.

  • The full cost of the whole process is fixed at £1,250 + VAT.

  • You will receive a 15-minute free consultation to determine if mediation is appropriate for your needs.

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